Sabah-Segalanya bermula disini

Syukur keatasNya, segala perjalanan dan halangan berjaya aku tempuhi satu demi satu. Sabah, buat pertama kalinya aku menjejakkan kaki di bumi Borneo ni. walaupun hanya baru sebulan aku disini, aku jatuh cinta dengan bumi Borneo ni! Kemasyarakatan,Keagamaan,Kebudayaan,Ke Ke lah semua nya masih lagi terpelihara disini. Siapa sangka, segala-galanya semua ada disini. Kenapa sabah? dari dulu … Continue reading

Reasons She Won’t Have Sex With You

Finding out why a girl won’t have sex with you doesn’t have to be the cat and mouse games of Sherlock Holmes. Unlocking these secrets can usually be done within a matter of minutes, if not seconds, depending on the kind of girl who you are talking to. It’s fairly obvious when a girl is … Continue reading

Steps to Maintain a Water-Cool System

You can now buy all the parts you need for water cooling off the shelf, and with a little research on the various fittings and tubing sizes, it’s easy to get your system up and running. However, there are some tricks to avoid the pitfalls that aren’t mentioned in manuals, such as preventing foreign objects … Continue reading

Mariana Trench is The Deepest Place On Earth

The Pacific Ring of Fire is a massive area around the edge of the Pacific Ocean where most of the world’s volcanic and seismic activity occurs. Just north-east of Malaysia, at a maximum depth of 11,034 meter, lies the deepest point on the surface of the planet : the Challenger Deep!        This depression in … Continue reading

What’s inside a hand sanitizer?

Unlike hand washing with soap and water, hand sanitisers are designed to cleanse hands of potentially damaging bacteria, rather than mainly dirt and detritus. Hand sanitizer  dispensers deliver gel. foam or liquid solutions in which the active ingredients include isopropanol, ethanol, n-propanol and povidoneodine. These alcohol bases are then added to a host of non-active … Continue reading

The World’s Fastest Animals

1. Cheetah Cheetah are one of the fastest animals on Earth and have a terrifying quick 0-60 time of a mere three seconds. Cheetahs are unique in the fact they have evolved to such a degree in order to maximize their speed, that they reqularly risk brain damage and starvation due to great physical demands … Continue reading

Most Memorable Celebrity Guest Stars At The Simpsons

Everyone’s favorite long-running, all-American cartoon series celebrates more than 500th episode, and has featured some unforgettable celebrity cameos during its long run. Rock and pop royalty such as The Who, Paul McCartney, Britney Spears, Aerosmith and Sting and also Hollywood stars as diverse as Jack Lemmon, Mickey Rooney, Daniel Radcliffe and Reece Witherspoon, comedic talent … Continue reading