Internet Slang and Acronyms yang paling popular

Idea nak mencari benda-benda cam ni bila saya lepas menonton cerita Mr.Propper’s Penguin. OMG-LGBS. So, kebanyakan people are confused about the meaning of these internet slang and acronyms. I have collected some. If i am wrong write a comment .

•ABN – Asshole By Nature
•LOL – Laughing Out Loud
•LMFAO – Laughing On My *ucking Ass Off
•LMAO – Laughing On My Ass off
•ROFL – Rolling On the Floor Loughing
•SFU – Shut the *uck Up
•BRB – Be Right Back
•FOAD – *uck Off And Die
•GTG/G2G – Got to Go
•HS – Holy Shit
•HTH – Hope This Helps
•OMG – Oh My God !
•IDK – I Don’t Know
•POS – Piece Of Shit
•SOS – Some old Shit
•WTF – What The *uck
•R8 – Right
•F9 – Fine


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