3 Powerful Facebook Apps For Activating Promotions

You’ve been watching other Pages grow exponentially while your fan count sits stagnant for months. How are they doing it? Fan-gated promotions. When executed correctly, promotions can yield tens of thousands of targeted fans in a matter of hours.

The savviest brands are launching their most effective promotions with fan-gated apps, like these from North Social:

Exclusive App

Exchange your digital goods for a like with the click of a button. All brands have something to give: Band? Music. B2B? Whitepaper. Photographer? Desktop wallpaper. This Exclusive app encourages users to like and share to access the download. Read how this small business gained over 24,000 new fans promoting a free software sample.


Sweepstakes App

Everyone loves a grand prize. Use a sweepstakes to collect likes plus valuable contact information. See how this brand gained over 5,000 new targeted fans with the Sweepstakes app. Your next promotion need not be a vacation giveaway. Keep your prizes timely (no furnaces in the summertime), relevant to your audience, and leverage your spare inventory or services.

Fan Offer App

Your existing fans want to inform friends of juicy deals. Your most active customers who haven’t yet connected with you on social media are searching coupon sites for the next promo code. Use the Fan Offer app to give them both a reason to visit, like, and share your page with fan-only coupons.

What can your business offer up for your next promotion? Put on your thinking cap, then give your Page a kick in the pants with your own golden ticket promotion by activating North Social powerfully simple promotion apps. No chocolate factory required.

More Info ; North Social


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