Music CD Giveaway: Best of the Best 2011 Contest

Universal Music, who has been the kind sponsors of our regular Music CD Giveaway series, is running a campaign called ‘Best of Best 2011’, offering consumers up to 30% discount for a wide selection of their CDs.

Basically what this means is, up till Aug 31, you’ll only have to pay RM29.90 for Single Disc CDs, and RM39.90 for Double-Disc CDs.

Cool, no?

But you know what’s even more cool? You have a chance, right here, to win two CDs of your choice from the seven listed below:

Jay-Z The Hits Collection
Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits
Nirvana – Live At Reading
Tokio Hotel – Best Of
Queen – Greatest Hits I
Carpenters – 40/40
Sting – Live In Berlin

Now here’s what you have to do to put yourself in the running to be a winner:

1. Choose the two albums that you’d like to win from the list above.

2. Come up with your own tagline, one that delivers the same message as the official one (Bringing the Best Value Out of the Best), but add in your own flavour to it.

Make it funny and catchy, but most of all, make it yours.

Taglines shouldn’t be longer than one sentence. You can post as many taglilnes as you like but only one your taglines will win you a prize (or in this case, two prizes!).

And that’s it. Post your choice of CDs and your tagline(s) on your blog, and send the link to that particular post as a comment here, OR send it via e-mail to [contact AT].

The 10 best taglines will win their choice of CDs. You have until Aug 28 to send in your entries. Good luck!



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