The World’s Fastest Animals

1. Cheetah


Cheetah are one of the fastest animals on Earth and have a terrifying quick 0-60 time of a mere three seconds. Cheetahs are unique in the fact they have evolved to such a degree in order to maximize their speed, that they reqularly risk brain damage and starvation due to great physical demands it place on their anatomy. The cheetah is fast, the fastest land animal on Earth!

Accelerating to speeds of 70mph, the cheetah is the quickest on four legs

2. Sailfish

9546-050-42565668Capable of swimming for long periods of time at over 40mph, and with a recorded top speed of over 70mph, the sailfish is the ocean’s fastest animal

With a top speed on par with that of a cheetah, the sailfish is lightning fast and one of the most difficult-to-catch fish in the world. Thanks to its stiffened,tapered body and scissor-shaped caudal fin, the sailfish is built for speed – a speed that comes courtesy of a rapid and ferocious flicking of its tail. Indeed, during a chase to consume fish, crustaceans or cephalopods , the sailfish will flick its tail back and forth hundreds of times, utilizing the powerful muscles which run down its compressed body.

3. Peregrine Falcon

peregr2If you thought the cheetah was fast, then think again. The peregrine falcon blows its top speed out of the water by over 130mph. Capable of hitting a monumental 200mph during a dive, the falcon has the highest top speed of any animal on Earth.

When in free fall, the peregrine falcon is incredibly quick

4. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt New World RecordOne of the most successful species of animal on the planet, Homo sapiens have evolved over the last 120,000 years into creatures with formidable physical abilities. Currently, the fastest human is Usain Bolt, a Jamaica born sprinter who has won the world 100 and 200-meter gold medals

The fastest human alive, Usian Bolt recently broke the world 100-meter record with a staggeringly quick time of 9.58 seconds



Here’s a list of the most super-fast critters on the planet

FASTEST MAMMALS Cheetah (71mph)
Pronghorn Antelope (57mph)
Springbok (50mph)
Blue Wildebeest (50mph)
Lion (45mph)
FASTEST BIRDS Peregrine Falcon (200mph)
Spine-tailed Swift (106mph)
Frigatebird (95mph)
Spur-winged goose (88mph)
Red-breasted Merganser (80mph)
FASTEST REPTILES Spiny-tailed iguana (21mph)
Black mamba (12mph)
FASTEST LAND INSECTS Tiger beetle (5.6mph)
Cockroach (3.4mph)
FASTEST FISH Sailfish (68mph)
Marlin (50mph)
Wahoo (48mph)
Tunny (46mph)
Bluefish Tuna (44mph)

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