Reasons She Won’t Have Sex With You

0911-couple-in-bed_smFinding out why a girl won’t have sex with you doesn’t have to be the cat and mouse games of Sherlock Holmes. Unlocking these secrets can usually be done within a matter of minutes, if not seconds, depending on the kind of girl who you are talking to.

It’s fairly obvious when a girl is interested in a guy, but this interest doesn’t always extend to finding out what he’s like in bed 2-3 hours after meeting him. For some, 2-3 months may not even be long enough before she allows the guy to discover what’s lingering under the sheets. But, the good news is that there are few different ways that you can decipher why she won’t have sex with out in order to make a decision of sticking around or getting the hell out of there.

Here are 4 reasons that she won’t have sex with you.

4 Reasons She Won’t Have Sex With You

1. She Doesn’t See You As Long Term Material

This is a huge reason that a lot of girls won’t have sex with a guy. Sure, you might be fun, attractive and even nice to her on the date, but don’t expect this to mean much. If you have cultivated a perception that you aren’t ready to settle down with her then you probably won’t be sleeping with her anytime soon.

Most women want a guy that is going to stick around long enough to meet her parents or even get on the road marriage. If she sees you as some fling that won’t last much more than a month, then your chances of sleeping with her are diminishing. Keep comments like “I’m never getting married” to an absolute minimum and you should start to see her come around after a little while.

2. She’s Religious

There’s nothing wrong with being religious, but if you are dating a girl who is devoted to the high and mighty, you’re in a very long dry spell.

Religious girls can make excellent mates. They are loyal, focused and they have family values, but this means that they aren’t going to just jump into bed with any guy. It could take years or even a ring to actually get this type of girl to have sex with you. Unless you really do love the girl, it’s probably best to simply move. It’s not fair to keep her around because she looks good in your passenger seat when you know that your values do not mesh with hers.

Let her down easy and find a girl that is less…fundamental.

3. You’re Too Flirty

It should go without saying, but a lot of guys keep on doing it: don’t flirt with other girls when you’re with somebody you’re dating. Even if you are just joking around, its hurtful to the girl that you’re with and it will keep her from investing in you physically.

When you’re with a girl, make sure that you are only with her. Don’t check out other girls around you, don’t flirt with waitresses and never compare another girl to the one that you’re with. Women want to feel special and you’re supposed to do that when you’re on a date with them.

No girl is going to give it up to some guy that puts more attention on a bartender than the girl he brought to the bar. Focus on her and you will see better results.

4. She’s A Control Freak

There is an old saying “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free.” If you’re dating a girl that puts a high value on sex then you’re probably going to be waiting a long time or you may never get to have sex with her.

Women play games much better than men. They can hold sex over a guy’s head and most men will not do anything about it. A control freak likes to have the ball on her court. This means that she will not only dictate the terms of the relationship, she’s going to dictate the terms of every time you have sex.

Sex is supposed to be the meeting of two people. Give and take. Compromise. But if you have encountered this type of woman, it’s always going to be on her terms and when she says it’s okay. If you think that you’re dating a control freak, leave immediately. Being with a girl that uses sex to control you will eventually wear you down. Save yourself a lot of time and find somebody new.


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